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Corneliu Ostahie:

A great purity of perception and, implicitly, of expression, a remarkable ability to infer and transform what our eyes can admire but only name into atmosphere full of life, the great ease with which he turns art into poetry- this is in summary a possible characterization of George Radeanu’s painting. Beyond all this- and I have been a witness to his artistic evolution during the years- there is perseverance, self-confidence, and, of course, tons and tons of hard work. As what now makes the truth and beauty of his painting is the outcome of long artistic quests, of successive sublimations that are the product of the incandescence that the artist has kept alive where he and his artistic gift met the world and invited it to dialogue in its various shapes and forms- nature, value, transient impression, profound explorations, exterior influence and inner understanding.

The results of this extraordinary collaboration effort are visible everywhere in his work: in his compositions, still life works, portraits, that show no artistic compromise regardless of the technique employed (oil, watercolor, drawing, etc.). But one must emphasize that the true measure of George Radeanu’s talent is showcased in his landscapes: full of life, joyful or sad, showing nature at its best and at its worst, his landscapes touch our emotions directly and forcefully. He is a true poet and a virtuoso whose watercolors exult nostalgia or exuberance, bring our own memories back to life through a secret infusion of genuineness, warmth and peaceful vitality.

George Radeanu’s exhibition invites us to look for beauty within ourselves as part of the infinite beauty that surrounds us.