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What Art Critiques Say

Nicolae Gadonschi-Tepes:

It is not easy to write about George Radeanu as one does not know where to start and where to end. The complexity and great variety of his artistic themes, the style that is always new, vivacious and warm, melancholic and tumultuous, seductive and sensitive, making one relive to the fullest the memories of one’s life while admiring his works, he always makes us long for reunions while making us aware of how short but beautiful life is!

George Radeanu’s works unite styles, themes, techniques, colors, thoughts and feelings, and they are artistic expressions that make him a full and complete member of the great family of artists. George Radeanu is George Radeanu! One finds in him the undeniable value of true artistry which regardless of the work on display showcases peace battling the storms of one’s soul and demonstrates that he is meant to be a ‘leader’ and ‘guide’ in painting.