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Adrian-Silvan Ionescu:

A robust technician who is willing and eager to know and master as many techniques as possible, Radeanu offers the public a surprise every time he exhibits- several years ago his work consisted of large, compact oil spots suggestive of the plans and constructive axels of a landscape; last year, without giving up oil, he diluted it to get a watercolor transparency and placed the touches with amazing speed that bespoke of the stimuli of the theme he addressed; this time he picked the difficult watercolor to express his feelings caused by amazing landscapes. It is a technique that is difficult to master unless one has great experience and confidence with various techniques of expression but watercolor can create unexpected aesthetic satisfaction when employed by an expert. Watercolor artists have been rare and that is why one should mention the names of a few illustrious forefathers like Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Elisabeth-Louise VigeeLeBrun, Mary Cassat, Edgar Degar and, in Romania, Stefan Luchian.

Radeanu has assimilated their lessons and formed his own style which is vigorous and lyric at the same time. His landscapes master the vibrations of one’s surroundings, transmit the movement of matter, and showcase the immediacy of observation and restless contemplation. The artist loves all seasons equally and has the capacity to put them on full display while leading us on an emotional patch along the banks of the river Siret, Senes, Rhenes and the shores of the Black Sea. The painter brings out the essence of the geographic and spiritual landscape in well-known monuments that other famous painters have showcased before him, and in anonymous peasant houses that betray the personality of the inhabitants.

The Venice palaces and their luxurious reflection in the surrounding waters have made the focus of his artistic mastery; for George Radeanu suggesting the fluid, the movement of the waters, the transient yet eternal clouds in his landscapes is an admirable success that is created with sensitivity and refinement.