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Veronica Marinescu:

After five years during which he has not exhibited in Romania but travelled in the US, Italy, and France (where he exhibited in Chantilly), George Radeanu surprises us in his individual exhibition currently open at the Gallery “Galateca” by his return to his first love: impressionism. He has rediscovered the pleasure of painting reality and not surmising about an object, character or landscape; he was introduced to the landscapes of Fontainbleau, Barbizon, Pont-Aven, which are famous places in the history of art and where he worked surrounded by an atmosphere of worship of art just like Grigorescu and Andreescu did in the latter half of the nineteenth century. “Fontainbleau Rocks”, “Morget Rocks”, “Tas de Pois Rocks”, “Raz Lighthouse”, “Barbizon Street”, the Sene and Venice landscapes, oil paintings and watercolors have a lot more to tell us than their painter who prefers to be discreet like a spectator to his impressionist travels.

George Radeanu is a master of drawing and a poet of color. For two decades he ‘was consumed’- in a metaphoric expression- stage after stage, with the passion of the seeker of light, and he easily approached and mastered all techniques and themes-from composition to landscape, portrait, still life and nudes. He knows how to calm the blue reflexes of the water, how to make peace between the green vegetation and the white rocks as well as the weaving paths. He unites them in a poem that is sometimes a whisper, other times a roar, always vivacious and carrying the sound of the spaces that he cuts from life and carries them along, away from the world. It is there that he finds himself again for a few moments and becomes stronger, more exuberant, while continuing to masterfully build colors that are pure and complementary.

For Radeanu, who feels closer to Cezanne, the path is easy to walk: “It has not been difficult for me to go back to the roots” he confessed. Just like it is not difficult for him to make a living off his art. In Romania, his oil paintings sell for 500 to 2000 Euros. In France, by comparison, last year they were very appreciated and they sold for prices between 2,000 and 6,000 Euros.